Social Media Bursts On Coke Studio 10 As “Sayonee” Released. 

Viewers Review based on Social Media discussions on Sayonee (Coke Studio 10).

Coke Studio, with no doubts has recharged the lost music of Pakistan with undoubtedly best sound mix and vocals. Coke Studio 9 was a big hit and appreciated over all in Music sectors, specially in sub-Continent.

Recently, People were eager to watch Coke Studio 10 and it had a decent start. People had much more higher expextations from Sayonee by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Ali Noor in this current season, as Salman Ahmad himself has prodeced and composed the music. It was expected to have a Sufi rock sound which could shock the music industry, turned out to be an ordinary music track.

People, absolutely had much better expectations from Coke Studio.

Here are some comments which people expressed on Social Media after “Sayonee” Released by Coke Studio.


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