Pepsi Battle Of The Bands: Intense Battle in the 3rd Episode. Who’s Eliminated ?

The Biggest Battle of the music has entered in to its knock-out stages. Pepsi Battle Of The Bands 3rd Episode with the 8 shortlisted bands stunned the viewers and took most of us to early 2000s where EP, Noori, Aroh, JAL, started their careers. Most of us, who were the keen followers of late 90s and early 2000s music, can relate these youngsters of “Pepsi Battle Of The Bands” to today’s Super Stars.

The new episode for Pepsi’s Battle of Bands was aired just today and we loved every bit of it, from the revered judges (now also includes Atif Aslam and Shahi Hassan), to the energetic host (Ayesha Omer) as well as the more than eager and keen contestants who have their eyes set on the prize – to win the prestigious title of Pepsi’s Battle of Bands, along with many other perks.

Pepsi’s Battle of Band’s third episode has finally introduced us to the highly entertaining performances by the bands.

After managing to make a cut for the first round of Pepsi’s Battle of Bands, the bands that had been shortlisted by the super talented judges of the show made sure to prove their mettle and go on to the next round.

Things have progressed in Pepsi’s Battle of the Bands and have been taken up a notch!

Here’s what has happened in the latest episode.

Atif Aslam’s performance made us groove as he took the stage and made us realize yet again why he is the king of pop music in Pakistan.




Shahi Hassan talked about his journey on Battle of the Bands, as he had took the platform to judge bands before and has now come back to the show. He also mentioned judging Fawad Khan (who was part of Ep on the same show years ago) and gave us nostalgic feels.

As per the theme of episode 3, the top eight bands performed their favorite songs and gave powerful performances in their own right. Each of the band made it tough for the judges to shortlist the top bands, yet the better ones managed to make it to the next round.




First performers were “Darvesh” from Karachi. They covered “Allah he day ga” of Sounds of Kolachi. The music, sound, voices of each of 10 members alongiwth the beats mesmerized the Judges. Shahi Hassan actually congratulated them for their excellent performance.





The next performers were Pindi boys with glasses on their faces which is their unique style. They picked “Jab Se Hum Huwe Jawan” by Vital Signs. In the Presence of a Judge like Shah Hassan (the previous Vital Signs member), It was not an easy task to perform this track. But Jasim and the Pindi Boys gave their best that Fawad Khan could not resist to say “I love you guys for the performance”.




The 3rd Band was Aura from Lahore. they performed “Dekha Na Tha” By the Legend Alamgir. Somehow Aura could not make a great impressions on audience and Judges, Meesha Shafi could not stop herself by saying that your range is too narrow, Even Fawad said the same. It was not impressive by AURA.




The 4th Band was MADLOCK, covered “Kahan hai Tu” by EP. And again it was not an easy performance infront of the star performer of EP – Fawad Khan. But ….. Wait ?? WOW !! It was awesome !! Madlock took us to early 2000, We actually felt ourselves listening Old EP. Thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated by each and every Judge.





The 5th Band was Kashmir, performed “Mera Pyar” by -AAMIR ZAKI (Late). And …. Yes… What a great song chosen by KASHMIR, a great and one of its kind tribute to Aamir Zaki by the Kashmir Boys.  The sentiments and emotions  of judges can be seen during and after the performance. We actually felt Aamir Zaki around us. great performacnce, appreciated by all judges.




The 6th Band was “Badnaam” from Lahore. They performed cover to “KALA JORA” a folk song. And WOW !! It was a performance of the night. Thoroughly enjoyed by the audience and loved by the judges. Fawad Khan had to say this “Badnaam nahi – Badrooh bhi ho aap, I loved what you did with this song”.




The 7th Performance was of SHAJR from Karachi. They covered “Kisay da yaar na vichray” by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan… But… It was not at all wise choice to pick this track… They could not perform it upto the mark… YES !! It was known by everyone that Judges are not going to like it and they did not !!! It was an average performance.




Last performance was of Roots, Band members were from all over Pakistan, few were from Karachi, few from Lahore and Islamabad. They covered Hadiqa Kayani’s and Aamir Zaki’s “Is Baar Milo”. Judges really enjoyed the performance. It was a natural voice. Even Atif Aslam could not stop himself saying “Intelligent Music, Overall I enjoyed this song“. Meesha Shafi said “A unique voice, We seldom find these kind of voice”.


The first knock out round of the show sadly led to the elimination of two bands.

Shajar and Aura

while bands Kashmir, Badnaam, Darvesh, Jasim and the Pindi Boys, Madlock and Roots have made it to the next round.

The competition is heating up on the show and we are definitely excited to see what happens in the next episode, are you?























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