Haroon’s Recreation of ‘Dil Se Pakistan’ Is An Independence Day Gift For All


With Pakistan’s 70th Independence Day just round the corner, singer Haroon has comeback and brought a gift along for all Pakistani’s with a recreation of his national hit Dil Se.

For his latest music video, the singer has worked with Javed Bashir, Muniba Mazari, Farhan Bogra and musicians to cover the classic ‘Dil Se’ and not only is it worth a listen, the video is a must-watch too.

About his latest music video, Haroon has said:

“With this music video we aim to bring forth all the good that our country has to offer and we want to inspire and motivate the youth. I am incredibly honoured to work with all the other artists in this song, without them this would not have been possible.”

The latest music video pays  tribute to national legends of Pakistan as the camera flashes images of our revered personalities, starting from Abdul Sattar Edhi, followed by Malala Yousafzai and male and female cricket champions.

It also shows images of scenic landscapes, from mountain peaks to desserts and national monuments and heritage sites of Pakistan.

Additionally, the video shows a boy in green asking people to look through the ‘Hero Box’ so people can see achievements Pakistanis have made over the last 70 years. The boy is Aakif Aleem, an APS Peshawar survivor. The importance of including him is that it shows our country’s resilience, no matter what comes our way, we overcome it.

What is more, is that the large audience isn’t just a crowd of people, each individual highlights the diversity of Pakistan, showing people of different ethnicities and age groups uniting everyone under one roof.

We, for one, love Haroon’s latest music video as patriotic and visually pleasing as it is and highly suggest that our readers give it a listen too!


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