What ? People Got Robbed In Burger King Lahore ? 

Its been few years that Multi National Food chains have entered to Pakistan and their main focus are Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad. 

Lahore has become Foodie hub, Traditionally Lahoris are always true Foodies and In current few years Social Media and their Food Groups have made people go outside and not only weekends but it has become their daily routine now.

Recently There was a buzz going around in a local Facebook Group that few people have been robbed in “Burger King” – MM Alam Road Lahore.

Burger King – MM Alam Road Lahore is a busiest Burger King place and almost hundreds of people visit that place daily. Astonishing that In this busiest place of Lahore, People got robbed and there was no CCTV Cameras installed in an Internatinal Chain.

Questions arose ?

Why the CCTV cameras were not functional ?

Why there was not a proper Security provided ?

These Multinational Comanies are charging hell high prices yet fails to provise security to their customers ??
Here are few snapshots of the people in a Food Group talking about the Incident happened.

And here are Few Replies of People:


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