First Balochi Contemporary Film Sangat to be Released Soon #BrandVoice


While the Pakistani film industry is under way to experience revival, the Balochi’s do not want to be left behind and have made an effort to produce and feature a film which will lie in the contemporary genre.

Balochistan’s first contemporary film which has been titled as Sangat is said to hit the cinema’s soon.

While in conversation with a leading media channel  producer Waheed Alblushi has said that the team is looking forward to revive cinema in the province.

Alblushi said:

“Though the Pakistani film industry is undergoing a revival of sorts, the Balochistan film industry has yet to develop as there is a dearth of the filmmakers here.”

“As a result, cinemas in Balochistan are being converted into shopping malls,” he added. “In the last few years, four out of the seven cinemas in Quetta have been closed down due to lack of productions.”

About the film

Sangat is a story about five friends with lots of drama, music and action sequences.

It was filmed in Oman, and was made with a budget of Rs 3 million.

Albulshi has further added that plan to release the film nationwide as well as in Gulf states is under works, and that it will premiere in Balochistan in the “coming weeks”.

“We want to show a different side of Balochistan,” Sangat director Sami Sarang has said.

“We are hoping to lay down a foundation and build a strong film industry so that the young Baloch talent has a platform to showcase their skills.”

Additionally, though the first trailer of the film came out last year, due to some production glitches, the project had been delayed, Sangat director Sami Sarang said.

You can watch the trailer here: 



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