Baaghi’s First Episode Reveals Qandeel’s Bold And Fiery Side


The first episode of one of the most anticipated drama serial of 2017, ‘Baaghi’ has finally been aired on TV.

The drama is set to showcase the life of the young and daring Qandeel Baloch, how the society turned her into the social media sensation that we once knew and here is what we think about the first episode.

The project boasts the creme de la creme of Pakistan’s entertainment industry, featuring the versatile Saba Qamar, Ali Kazmi, Osman Khalid Butt, Sarmad Khoosat, Khalid Malik and veteran actor Irfan Khoosat.

The first episode of Baaghi opens with Fauzia Batool who is being played by Saba Qamar. Fauzia comes across as a bold girl. She is restricted within the familial as well as the societal bonds because of the conservative culture of her village.

Fauzia, being a village girl, stands against domestic violence, which was very common in her village. Baaghi portrays Qandeel as a girl with a bold yet charming personality who was also the eye candy for the village boys who try to cat call her at every corner given her bold repute in the village.

Her conflicts with her brother as well as the men in the village have progressively emerged in the first episode and shows how she deals with them face to face without hesitation.

Qandeel’s love interest Sajid (Ali Kazmi) also makes an entry towards the end of the episode. Sajid has recently shifted from Dubai back to the village and is also the brother of Qandeel’s Bhabi. He falls in love with Fauzia at his store, but she, being a girl who trusts no man because of their vicious nature, did not reciprocate his feelings.

Saba Qamar tries her best to portray Qandeel’s true nature and gives the viewers a glimpse of her early life as a teenage.

We believe the new drama serial is worth a watch for now and are eager to see how it will play out over the next weeks and till the end.

The drama airs every Thursday at 8 pm only on Urdu1.




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