Project Ghazi’s Release Delayed After its Premiere, Here’s What Happened…


Pakistan’s first superhero movie Project Ghazi had its premiere last night and the word is that the film had encountered significant issues in its post-production phase.

The premiere night was attended by celebrities and media personnel who had been anxiously awaiting the release of the movie.

As reviewed by the people who were first to view the film and were at the premiere the film had choppy editing, poor sound and many other technical flaws which were evident in the production.

However, soon after the Premiere, an official announcement was posted on Project Ghazi’s Page. Here’s what it said:


Humayun Saeed has had his say on the matter and this is what he shared:

“When I saw the movie last night , it was obvious that it was incomplete. There were issues with the sound and the sync was off. Usually I take care of most of the work in my own films and we make sure that the cast and crew can see the film before its release so that if there is an issue, we resolve it. With Project Ghazi, these people [the production team] didn’t have have time and were under a lot of pressure due to the summer release demand. They had to have it ready by July and the producer is a new person so I guess they took way too much pressure and rushed it.”

He added, “I couldn’t let this be the final product of Project Ghazi. The audience couldn’t be shown this. How can people judge a movie that they couldn’t even hear properly?”

According to Humayun, Project Ghazi needs more than a month or two to reach the standard it should be at.

“I highly doubt Project Ghazi will be ready in a month or two. I’m against that because I don’t want them to rush it again. I think the film needs a good four to six months in post production to be a good release. A superhero film like this needs a lot of time in post production and with Ghazi its not just fixing the sound. Its taking care of the jumpy edits and making sure there’s a story the audience can follow. I don’t want compromises here.”

At least the team has released its mistake and has decided to improve the quality of the film so that it is at least some what up to the viewers expectations after its first release.

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