Baaghi Teaser 2 Released: Saba Qamar Nails Qandeel’s Role!


Urdu1’s drama “Baaghi” featuring the renowned Pakistani actress Saba Qamar is all set to hit the airwaves in the upcoming month. Already a lot of hype has been weaved around the drama as it will unveil the story of the late social media sensation, Qandeel Baloch.

The story which is written by Umera Ahmed is being directed by Farooq Rind.

The drama also boasts the creme de la creme of Pakistan’s entertainment industry, which will feature Ali Kazmi, Osman Khalid Butt, Sarmad Khoosat and Khalid Malik.

Watch the teaser here: 

The 30-second clip of the upcoming drama ‘Baaghi’ shows the contrast between Qandeel and her husband’s relationship before and after marriage.

Before marriage, Qandeel’s husband promises to fulfill all her desires once they’re officially married, which includes her desire to work in the city. However, once they tie the knot, he refuses to let Qandeel venture out to find work and we see the bold and strong personality of Qandeel retaliate in return.

Saba’s acting as Qandeel is on point and speaks volume about her acting prowess. We are already convinced that the director’s choice of giving the role to a versatile actress such as Saba Qamar was the perfect one! Saba has effortlessly pulled off the character, making Qandeel’s untold tale all the more worthwhile.


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