Nadia Khan to Make Her Acting Come Back After 17 Years!


The renowned and beloved Pakistani TV show host and actress Nadia Khan has signed a TV serial and is all set to make her return to dramas after 17 years!

In an interview to a private media channel Nadia has shared the details:

“Big Bang productions have some really nice, meaningful dramas under their belt, which is why I decided to take on this project and it’s being directed by Badar Mehmood.”

Nadia Khan will be starring alongside Sami Khan and Saba Hamid in the upcoming drama.

“I can’t say much about my character just yet but I can say that the show will feature simple, basic characters who are real people, it’s not very glamourous. It’s an emotional drama with a lot of intense scenes. It’s about Saba’s life as well as her two daughters, it’s also Sami’s story,” she added.


“The misuse of social media is also something being addressed in the show; this family’s life is practically ruined because of social media.”

Additionally, talking about why she has decided to make a comeback on television, she shared that,

“Back in the day, I felt dramas were not that good so I deviated towards hosting but now I feel it’s become much better. I like doing challenging roles so I’m glad the time is here where you can work and also have a ton of fun!”

“I’m doing a drama after 17 years, I’m really enjoying myself and I’m getting the best drama offers,” she said.

Nadia also shared that she couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunities she is been given.

“I’m reading more scripts. I’m honestly overwhelmed that even after all this time, the industry and the media has welcomed be back with open arms. I’m so grateful to God for this.”

Since the news have broke of Khan’s return, Nadia Khan should be assured that many are happy for her and are excited to see what she will bring on Pakistani television screens after so long!

And we wish her all the best!


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