Bata Has Released its Eid TVC And It is Brilliant!


Only recently, Bata has released its new campaign for Eid-ul-Fitr 2017. The concept of the latest TVC by Bata along with the execution is pretty simple as well as self-explanatory.

We review the new ad by Bata below: 

The TVC by Bata comes with a strong and positive message for all.

The TVC opens with a family walking out of one of Bata’s outlet, carrying shopping bags. The child then observes the old footwear worn by the guard’s son and perhaps a feeling of sympathy stirs inside of him.

Moving on, the next scene shows the occasion of Eid  and the family is shown to give gifts. What is more is that, the idea reveals the new range of Bata’s footwear collection for Eid through these nicely weaved visuals.

Finally, the concept of “sharing is caring” is also caught on camera when the young boy sits on his bed and recalls how the guard’s son was wearing worn out slippers. The boy gets up from his bed and gifts his own pair of new slippers to the guard’s kid.

At the end, a tagline also appears which says “Baantain Toh Barhain Khushiyan” i.e. “Happiness multiplies when shared”.

The new Eid TVC by Bata thus puts forth a good and positive message for all who watch the new ad, and highlights and promotes the idea of donating and sharing.


Many TVCs for Eid are released every year in order to attract the attention of the audience as well as increase the lines of customers at their outlets. However, fewer brands generally pursue their agenda through healthy ideas on TV.

Bata, on the other hand, has taken initiative to opt for a believable story and turn it into a thoughtful advertisement and we hope other companies will follow suit.

Watch the full TVC below: 


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  1. Excellent ad for caring, equality, spreading joy happiness and ‘life is to live for others’

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