People Are Boycotting ‘Khaadi’ After Mistreatment Of Employees.

People gathered outside the M.M Alam flagship store of Khaadi on Sunday, protesting against the alleged lay off of 32 Khaadi workers ahead of Ramzan.

The protestors demanded reinstatement of workers who were allegedly fired for demanding fair wages.

The protestors demanded that the company should let it be known as to why these workers were dismissed simply for demanding an increase in wages and better working conditions.

A hashtag #BoycottKhaadi is also trending on the Twitter with people calling out for a nationwide boycott of Khaadi.


Under the Pakistani law, the minimum wage level had been increased from Rs. 13,000 to Rs. 14,000 in 2016

The international acclaimed brand Khaadi allegedly dismissed 32 employees without any prior notice, right before Ramadan and Eid. Reportedly, the dismissed employees were being paid less than the minimum wage set by the state’s legislation, i.e. below Rs. 14,000 and that the workers wanted a raise in their wage and better working conditions.


Courtesy: Pakistan Today.

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