92 News Baseless Allegations on Q-Mobile.

Brand Voice editorial section has been observing some different and clueless rumors about a Pakistani Brand – Q Mobile.

As a neutral panelist “Brand Voice” took an initiative to dig out about the News circulating about Q Mobile, It all started from the news package made by 92 News. They circulated their News Package on their Social Media Page and their social media strategists gave their best to make that post viral. According to 92 News report, “Q Mobile is selling phones which don’t have IMEI numbers”. According to some research some of the “Brand Voice” representatives found that there is no mobile in Pakistan can be used without an IMEI number. PTA blocked all the phones in 2009 which lacked IMEI number.

All the allegations to defame Q-Mobile by 92 News are baseless and just to gain their financial benefits i.e. to get advertisements on their TV Channel.


Its almost been a decade, Qmobile has been serving the need of millions for affordable connectivity coupled with superior quality. With its wide range of practical, affordable & user friendly mobile devices, Qmobile is loved by people from all walks of life which also reflects in its market share of over 60%.

Shedding light on the recent rumors circulating on various social media forums, Qmobile official spokesperson said that; “Rumors circulating on social media are aimed at defaming Qmobile & are fabricating the truth to make it look like a security threat to the country which is totally baseless & not true.  Q-Mobile, like all other mobile brands in Pakistan, imports its mobile devices after getting due approvals from Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), which only approves the devices with valid IMEI number to be imported & sold in Pakistan”.

The spokesperson further added that “We are a proud Pakistani brand which is loved by millions across the country & we have always worked in the best interest of Pakistan by contributing immensely in the growth of our economy, creation of new employment & providing affordable connectivity to millions of people in Pakistan”.

As a neutral Brand Voice representatives, We can analyze the whole fabricated story which has been created by one media group just to get financial benefits. Q Mobile is a Pakistani brand, which actually has contributed a lot for Pakistan telecom sector. Q-Mobile has produced thousands of Job for Pakistanis. Q Mobile has got so many positive factors on our economy which one cannot deny.



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