Momina Mustehsan’s Ramazan OST Goes Viral.


With the Holy month of Ramazan inching closer by the day, as per the routines every year, Pakistani TV channels are in a race to bag the biggest celebrities as well as the ratings boon these celebrities bring with them.

This year, 2016’s Coke Studio sensation and Pakistan’s sweetheart, Momina Mustehsan has also sung a Ramazan OST for A-Plus and ATV.

Momina’s rendition of ‘Qaseeda Burda Sharif’ for the show Ittihad Ramazan which is to air on A-Plus has came out last night.

According to various news sources and statistics, her song has hit over a million hits on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube combined in a span of less than 24 hours.

Momina has received praises from many on social media websites for her commendable singing of the rendition of Qaseeda Burda, in her graceful white dress.

You can listen to the full version here:


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