Electronic Arts announces to Release EA Sports Cricket 2019

Electronic Arts have recently announced the release of new cricket game under the banner of ‘EA Sports Cricket 2019’, despite discontinuation of the series back in 2007. EA Sports has decided to venture into the cricket field yet again looking at the popularity in the Indian Market. EA Sports Cricket 2007 sold over 50 million copies worldwide and approximately 15 million people still play the game. Apart from the statistical fact, the game has been a vital component of every ninety’s born child even though the game did not have player rights for the game. Only Boards of England, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand availed the player rights for the game.

Since then, EA Sports discontinue the release of newer versions of the game annually as they focused on the release of highly popular FIFA and NBA series. Meanwhile, cricket lovers had to go ahead with other series such as Brian Lara Cricket and Don Bradman cricket.

Seeking the high potential in the market especially in India, EA Sports decided to move forward with the release of EA Sports Cricket 2019 with adequate player rights from all boards especially BCCI. Even though the avid fans of the game have to wait for the game for two years, the announcement might come to them as a pleasant surprise.

“Yes, the board is currently contemplating on how to move forward with the cricket game. We did a market study and realized that close to 15 million people still play the game, even after we stopped producing in 2007. Hence, it only makes sense for us to acknowledge a strong potential there. We are also aware that there are hardly any competitors within this market.” said a source close to Electronic Arts according to Sportskeeda.

“But, our primary objective if the game comes out in 2019, will be to acquire ICC and BCCI rights for the players. It’s no secret that India will be our primary sector of sales, and this time if we do venture back into the market, it will be with player rights. Our representatives have already had meetings with BCCI members, let’s see how talks progress,” added the same source.




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