Geo TV’s ‘Dil Dil Ramzan’ 2017 Transmission Teaser is Out


With the holy month of Ramzan just around the corner, yesterday, GEO TV has shared a teaser for its upcoming special Ramzan transmission program, which has been titled as ‘Dil Dil Ramzan’. 

Since only a teaser has been released, much information about the show has not been disclosed for the viewers yet. However, the word is that the special Ramzan transmission by GEO TV Networks will be the biggest transmission for the month.

Only less than a month to go in the arrival of the holy month, viewers eagerly await the transmission to air. What is more, is that GEO TV is also ready to offer a chance to win free passes to all those interested in attending the live transmission.


The details with regard to the hosts, timings and registrations for Dil Dil Ramzan are yet to be announced, however, all those who want to get their hands on free passes can follow the steps mentioned below.

To win free passes, you must visit Dil Dil Ramzan’s official Facebook page and complete the following steps in order:

Step 1: Click to “Like” the page.

Step 2: Click “share” and invite your friends to like this page. Passes you receive depends upon the number of your friends liked this page.

Also note: 50 free passes will be given to top 50 users with maximum likes from their friends.

You can watch the teaser for GEO TV’s Ramzan transmission here: 


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