EatOye! poised to grow faster with Foodpanda brand name.

Pakistan’s online food delivery venture has announced its brand change following itsacquisitionby foodpanda global in February, 2015.

Karachi, April 10, 2017–EatOye!, was the brainchild of two entrepreneurs Nauman Sikandar and Rai Umair that emerged in 2012 to bridge the gap between thousands of restaurants and millions of food lovers in Pakistan. Being the first of a kind, EatOye! captured the market instantly.

The venture’s success attracted the biggest international food ordering company, foodpanda, and EatOye! was acquired in 2015. Since then, it managed toconnect half a million hungry foodies to 1500 local and international restaurants.

Expanding on this success in 2017, EatOye! will undergo a rebrand to completely join foodpanda, the biggest food-delivery platform globally. The platform is currently active in 24 countries working with more than 40,000 restaurant partners.

Nauman Sikandar Mirza, CEO foodpanda and Founder of EatOye! said,”It just makes sense. We have been part of foodpanda for a few years now and love being part of this family. Everything at foodpanda is about making the ordering experience better – which has always been our mission at EatOye!. The Panda is also, simply awesome!”

The rebrand will also be reflected in a migration to an updated version of the website in addition to the release of an app, empowering the user to order food on the go.
“Aside from the Panda, it will still be the same delicious food from our restaurant partners, and the same local team behind it all.”



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