Mahira Khan Proudly Announced As the New Face of Veet


Who doesn’t know Mahira Khan? In fact, the more appropriate question would be who doesn’t love Mahira Khan? 

The gorgeous and the talented former vj and now Pakistani actress Mahira Khan has earned her name in the television, film industry of not only Pakistan but also in Indian film industry with a lot of dedication and hard-work, for which she must be lauded.

Late in the month of April, Veet Pakistan had begun its campaign and spread the word that the company has some ‘big’ news to announce. The brand encouraged the social media followers to guess what the news might be and that it will be announced soon. However, it was only yesterday, when Veet which is one of the leading beauty products in the Pakistani market has launched its latest TVC in effort to give away its ‘big news’ as promised earlier.

Over the past few years, a number of top models and actresses such as Katrina Kaif have represented and captured the essence of the Veet brand, in turn making glamour a significant part of the Veet world. However, this time around Veet Pakistan has chosen our very own, the stunning Mahira Khan as the new face of its brand.


The brand assures that the Veet woman radiates confidence with a hint of feminine charm and is admired by all those that surround her. Additionally, Veet gives its users the confidence to be more than a woman. Keeping its stance in mind, Veet has choosen Mahira Khan who is definitely feminine, yet confident, and now has the whole world charmed ever since she worked alongside the King of Bollywood: Shah Rukh Khan in his film Raees.

The latest TVC which features Mahira Khan, also comes with a new tagline which is ‘Hamesha Ready’.

To watch the full TVC by Veet, click on the link below: 


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