APlus & ATV Brings Biggest Global Ramazan Transmission – #IttehadRamazan

This year the viewers shall see APLUS & ATV taking a giant leap and taking the lead in the entertainment genre through the 1st ever Global Ramzan Transmission, which has never been done before in Pakistan, #IttehadRamzan.

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The Big Idea behind #IttehadRamzanis that it will celebrate the diversity of the Muslim World, while reflecting our unmatched Unity. This joint transmission of APLUS & ATV will depict how Ramazan is celebrated across different Muslim Countries through a larger than life transmission which will simulcast on both the channels. Through Ittehad Ramzan, the audience will understand how Islam is practiced in different regions of the world. The viewers of APLUS & ATV will experience Ramazan across the Globe in one single transmission.

The reason to believe behind this great initiative is that, “We, the Muslims are separated from each other by distance, language and race but are united by faith, brotherhood and our beliefs. We are scattered yet together. We are Different Yet Similar. We are Distributed yet, United”

This initiative of APLUS & ATV with #IttehadRamzan transmission is going set a new benchmark for all the other Pakistani channels and will also help break the monotony of Ramadan transmissions as almost all Ramadan transmission in the recent years had the same elements, flow and format.

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Furthermore, their plans of engaging 30 tier one celebrities as their ambassadors to the muslim world; who would be travelling to 30 different cities around the muslim world, will surely attract the viewers to experience the different cultures, historical sites, food and traditions through their eyes. As per them, the soul of this unique transmission would be the experience of celebrating Ramzan in different cities around the muslim world, whereas, the heart of the transmission shall be based out of their Karachi studios where a leading host like Dr. ShaistaWahidi along with Khalid Malik (RJ FM91), Ali Safina and JunaidAkram will carry this transmission throughout the month.

The excitement of #IttehadRamzan would not end here for the viewers. Since Ittehad Ramazan is a theme which works towards a unanimous, non-conflicting view of the Muslim World therefore, they have chosen Qasida Al-BurdaShareef to be used as the OST of their Ittehad Ramzan Transmission.


This will be recited by the legend, “AtifAslam” himself and is expected to become the most popular video/audio content of Ramzan 2017 on both conventional & digital mediums.

A unique Glocal (Global & Local content) transmission covering 30 cities with leading celebrities, renowned hosts, religious scholars, different chefs every day and much more awaits the viewers this year; which will surely make #IttehadRamzan transmission – a special transmission in its true essence for the viewers!

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