“SIR KALAM” all set to Enthrall Audience from May 1st in Karachi.

[Karachi, 25th April 2017]: After a successful run in Islamabad, The Insane Productions brings you SIR KALAM, a dark comedy theater play by Saiban Khaliq, produced by ISPR which is to be performed at the Karachi Arts Council, from May 1st to 10th.

[Press Release] SIR KALAM all set to Enthrall Audience from May1st in Karachi.docx.jpg


The play stars ShamayaleKhattak, AymenShujaZuberi, Sardar Osman, Zainab Raja, Tayyab Anwar, Sarmad Bashir, Saiban Khaliq and Wasiq Ali Zia. A famous playwright, MansoorKalam, shares the secret “formula” of becoming a successful playwright in Pakistan. He shares this “formula” by giving examples of 3 of his award winning screenplays. While he shares this technique, he is confronted by an obsessed fan who makes MansoorKalam wonder; “Can a story, change someone’s life?” This is a story of a commercial playwright who writes meaningless and overly glamorized stories that only serve the purpose of making money.


Saiban Khaliq, director/playwright for ‘Sir Kalam’ commented: “It’s an ecstatic feeling to be able to bring my 9th theater play for all of Karachiites to enjoy.”

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Khaliq has taken his theatre plays across the nation on multiple occasions. Having previously written and directed 9 theatre plays, he now brings ‘Sir Kalam’ to the Karachi Arts council. The play begins on the 1st of May and will continue till the 10th of May.


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