2017: The Year Digital Ad Spending Finally Beats TV

Advertising on TV now is a thing of the past as the world moves towards digital media for advertising. Last year digital advertising sales surpassed TV advertising in the U.S, bringing in up to $70 billion as compared to $63 billion for TV advertising.
It was also foretold last year that this change would take place globally by 2017. Spending on digital ads this year increased to $209 billion worldwide, which is around 41% of the market whilst TV ads stood at $178 billion or 35% of the total market globally, reported Magna.

Global digital Ad spending beat TV for the first time in 2017:


But you can expect that gap to keep growing: Next year, Magna expects digital ad spending to grow by 13 percent to $237 billion, while TV ads will grow 2.5 percent to $183 billion.

By 2020, Magna expects digital ads to make up 50 percent of all ad spending.

Via https://www.recode.net/